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CITIES OF THE FUTURE: Lendlease’s guide to creating vibrant, connected and sustainable urban places in cities

MONOCLE Magazine
Issue 91, Volume 10
March 2016

Lendlease x Monocle
Cities of the future


There’s no secret ingredient for making city neighbourhoods tick, but applying the principles of shared space, discerning design and forward-thinking transport can turn a space into a true place.

01 City Lovers
Being a city dweller doesn’t mean getting lost in the masses. Cities draw individuals but as more people choose to live in them there is an opportunity to maintain a community mindset, share space as neighbours and embrace the vibrancy that urban living provides.
People thrive by enjoying shared resources in urban areas and living in a city means being apart of a larger community. The best places build on this and foster a connection between different groups of people living in a particular place.
Cities are growing, as are their populations, but this is what makes them so dynamic. And by putting emphasis on beautiful spaces from landscaping to rooftops, a communal barbeque pit, to building facades and all the details in between cities become energetic. They transform and become places we’re proud to call home.

02 Urban Regeneration
There’s nuance in making a city great. It requires a mix of well-planned infrastructure and urban mapping but there also needs to be a contagious energy. The latter can come from dynamic retailers, fresh dinning options and bustling town squares. But how do people and places work well together? How can cities work for residents? These are a few of the key questions that Lendlease addresses with its urban-renewal projects. Projects that invigorate the space in which we live go far beyond buildings. For example, Barangaroo, one of the worlds foremost waterfront renewal projects, is creating a lasting legacy for future generations in sydney through first-class community and public spaces.
Desirable housing options should be met with places to engage with neighbours, as seen Lendlease’s RNA Brisbane Show grounds precinct, which is developing a central marketplace. Green space should be amped up as it will be in London’s Elephant and Castle district and surprising places can bring diverse communities together, as has been the case in Melbourne’s Library at The Dock.


Lendlease projects reimagine spaces in cities while maintaining the character, culture and diverse fabric pf the communities living in them.

Elephant and Castle, London
Smart solution
The model for 21st-century cities is finding savvy solutions to the issues of population density, Transport and quality of life. Elephant and Castle isn’t Just about building 3.000 new homes alongside business and retail space its also about providing innovative design, planting a lush canopy of trees, installing attractive energy-efficient street lighting and working with the community to create better living practices. By co-creating places with the people in our communities, these spaces are set up to be as authentic and sustainable as possible.
Park life
London may be one of the world’s leafiest cities but as key barom-eter for a liveable area is proximity to green space the Elephant and Castle roadmap includes a mayor now park right in the centre of the area for the community to enjoy. Public space is an integral part of the development: as well as connecting to public transport, the new district encourages active, outdoor lifestyles through cycle paths and walkways, while also looking to reduce vehicle usage in an often congested city by promoting car sharing schemes.

Brisbane Showgrounds
Mixing it up
Neighbourhoods within cities are becoming more like self-sustaining microcosms. Brisbane is no exception, known as a big country town. The regeneration of Brisbane Showgrounds celebrates this history and pays homage to it, with modern design and lifestyle at its core.
Well connected
Every need will be met at the Brisbane Showground’s high street, King Street, but this precinct delivers beyond the status quo retail offer. With an inner-city fresh food market and co-op of specialty provedores, King Street will become a new leisure destination that offers modern experiences steeped in the site’s 140-year history. In what’s set to become the ultimate inner-city destination. Brisbane Showgrounds will blend high-rise city living with leading workplaces and creative community spaces. Many of the residents of this urban area are young professionals looking for convenience and connectivity. Health and wellness facilities. a childcare centre and outdoor meeting hubs with free also support the area’s workforce population by day. Come nightfall, this is a place to immerse yourself in lively dining, quirky bars and a vibrant arts community.

The Library at the Docks, Victoria Harbour
Sweet harmony
Perched on a sun-drenched waterfront wharf in Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour. Library at the Dock is an example of how a city, a neighbourhood and a developer can work together to create a world-class civic hub. A well-conceived building resonates beyond its physical structure and this is a prime example. The library has been delivered in partnership with the City of Melbourne and Places Victoria, featuring a recycled-timber facade. It has been constructed using a cross-laminated structure, creating Australia’s most sustainable public building.
Design district
Designed by Architects Clare Design, with Hayball as Architect of Record, its outdoor communal areas, cafes, recording studios and performance space have helped connect the community and revitalise Melbourne’s Docklands. No longer is the area simply a place frequented by business workers from Monday to Friday: it is a buzzing destination all week. Library at The Dock is part of Victoria Harbour, a 30-hectare urban regeneration project slated for completion by 2021. It will create thousands of homes and connect with the city’s central business district.

As seen in Monocle Magazine

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