Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


Why architecture can be a solution to climate change


23 October 2019

Jenny Brown


One of Australia’s most influential architects says his industry is at a critical point in the making of new buildings as they relate to climate change.

To the biggest annual gathering of the folk responsible for such a large portion of the public realm, the Sydney-based but globally-operative Koichi Takada will argue that because of the measurable impacts of climate change, the industry as a whole is at such a critical point “that we must now change our drive from one of commercialisation to mass greening”. 

“And that will be amazing.”

On Thursday at Urbanity, a two-day urban developers’ conference in Brisbane bringing together delegates and speakers from all over Australia and the Pacific, Takada will tell the audience – who are diverse as place makers and art curators – that “we must change the way we are working”.


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