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Koichi Takada’s Restaurant at the National Museum of Qatar

Architecture & Design

17th March 2020


Situated within the National Museum of Qatar, Jiwan is the latest dining destination to open its doors in Qatar’s capital of Doha. With interior designs by Koichi Takada Architects and a contemporary Qatari menu.

Jiwan is the Qatari word for the ‘perfect pearl’, rose-tinted white, completely round with a luster so pure that it comes alive with radiance.

Every element of the restaurant’s design takes inspiration from the Qatari Bedouin heritage and rich traditions linked to activities by the sea – fishing, pearl diving and old wooden sailing dhows. The colours and textures of the carpet fade from the colour of the desert sand to the light turquoise water. The heart of the restaurant turns into the deepest aquamarine blue. With reference to Qatar’s pearl diving history, four million glass beads are suspended from the defining the space and dancing with the movement of the air. The luminescent ceiling feature follows curved lines, tracing the organic shapes of an oyster shell.


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