Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney

The Waterfront Retreat

“Design should not speak too loudly. What’s important is how you live your life and how you connect to the environment. When you are living in our design, our goal is that you don’t see it. It’s what we call invisible architecture. It puts you at ease, in your most relaxed state of mind.” Koichi Takada

Respecting the site’s natural ground levels, we created a series of artificial rock or floating platforms that are presented as a sequence of cantilevered concrete slabs that float above recessed stacked-stone cladded podium. This maximizes the sense of levitation as the slabs are elegantly tapered to a finer point water-wards, with the living and dining area particularly designed to appear as a floating box.

The Waterfront retreat is a resort-style luxury residence and the epitome of an Australian Dream Home, adorned with a private beach, garden and open-plan living. The 1,600 square-meter residence is fitted with informal and intimate spaces that complements the landscape, catered for every occasion and concedes a balanced lifestyle.