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Koichi Takada

Koichi Takada has brought a Japanese sensibility to Australian architecture. His work is innovative and refined. Koichi melds the traditions of his homeland with today’s stunning flowing forms – an approach he developed in New York, London and Tokyo.

Koichi Takada has won international competitions in Australia and Japan as well as several key architectural and interior design awards. The firm’s projects are well recognized and have been extensively featured in Australian and international design magazines.

Koichi Takada studied and graduated from the School of Architecture at the City University of New York and the Architectural Association, London. Koichi studied his thesis work under Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Farshid Moussavi with Rem Koolhaas as a visiting critic.

While practicing at Atsushi Kitagawara Architects in Tokyo, Koichi worked on an invited competition of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney in 1997 and stayed in Sydney thereafter. Koichi has been associate director at PTW and worked on award winning luxury apartments in Sydney, and a diverse range of architectural projects in Japan, China, and the Middle-East.

Koichi established his own practice, Koichi Takada Architects in Sydney in 2008. The practice is now growing with competition winning architectural projects and a focus on the construction phase, with key multi-residential projects in Australia and key landmark projects overseas.

  • Terry Brabazon

    Terry Brabazon is an architect who balances the intuitive – an intuition that is built on solid experience – with practical expertise. Terry brings a wealth of experience to his role as the director responsible for Koichi Takada Architects’ larger and more complex projects. His other key role is as mentor to the practice.

    Terry Brabazon has worked on multiple large-scale projects in Australia and overseas. He worked on projects in Malaysia, China and Vietnam. In Sydney he played a pivotal part in projects that have included One Central Park residential and retail development, Regent Place and St Margaret’s Hospital redevelopment. Terry graduated from the University of Western Australia and has had key roles at a number of influential architectural firms including a 21-year stint with PTW Architects.

    Terry understands the significance of best practice systems and processes and the critical importance of timing and priorities. This he combines with the skill set and profound depth of experience to deliver informed and creative solutions within the matrix of contemporary design and construction’s everyday challenges.


  • Georgia Wilson
    Associate Director

    Working closely with Koichi Takada since the creation of the company, Georgia has built up a thorough understanding of the design direction and implementation at Koichi Takada Architects. Involved in the management of the office, Georgia is experienced in client communications, maintaining quality control and design integrity, as well as being instrumental in the early design inception of both architectural and interior design projects and client presentation.

    As a key member of the communications team at Koichi Takada Architects, Georgia’s experience extends beyond architectural and interior design – creatively coordinating Koichi Takada Architects’ marketing collateral and portfolio submissions.

    Georgia has particular expertise in planning and consultation processes with a demonstrated ability to work with complex briefs, and challenging statutory frameworks and approval processes. With a focus on residential development, she has a solid understating of SEPP65 Principles and RFDC Compliance. Georgia has a solid understanding of council controls.


  • Adele Troeger
    Practice & Communications Manager

    Adele has 10 years experience in streamlining business performance to align it with evolving client needs and market conditions. She has worked in creative industries including design and architecture, digital media, publishing and events in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany.

    Adele joined Koichi Takada Architects in 2015.  As a member of the Executive Team, she works closely with the directors on business strategy, communications and business development.  Her broad expertise in managing operations, strategy, human resources, marketing, communications and general business administration strengthen her capacity to drive practice improvement.

  • Noel Samyia
    Associate Director

    Noel Samyia has been working as an architect since 1975 on many and various public, commercial and residential projects.

    As a Project Architect in the NSW Department of Public Works – Government Architect’s Office, Noel gained early valuable experience in design of public buildings, including many schools, prisons and health buildings. He joined PTW Architects in 1989, where he was responsible for many complex projects from the design development phase through to construction. His last 8 years at PTW were in the capacity of a Director and part of the PTW senior management team.

    Noel joined Koichi Takada Architects in late 2014, where he has been guiding the project team in the design development and delivery of Infinity by Crown Group in Green Square.

  • Tommy Sutrisno
    Team Leader

    Tommy Sutrisno has 12 years of experience in the design and construction industry. He has been integrally involved with projects during all stages from preliminary sketch design to construction across a wide range of project disciplines.

    Tommy has worked on the design and documentation of residential, commercial, health and retail projects.

    Since joining Koichi Takada Architects, Tommy has been instrumental in coordinating, documenting, managing and delivering the construction package of Skye by Crown Group.

  • Sam Taylor
    Team Leader

    Sam Taylor joined Koichi Takada Architects as Team Leader on Arc by Crown Group, a 25 storey multi-residential project in Sydney’s CBD. He has led the project through a successful Development Application process, a rigorous marketing campaign and Section 96 applications. More recently Sam has worked with the team to deliver the architectural documentation required for an invitational D&C Tender. Following appointment of the contractor, Sam is currently leading his team on the project’s construction documentation, while the excavation is nearing completion.

    Whilst working on Arc by Crown Group, Sam has also contributed to winning the EQ competition scheme. Sam developed the podium spatials, rationalized the façade geometry and contributed in the competition presentation.

    Sam has also been instrumental in establishing and implementing the office AutoCAD and documentation standards.

    Sam is passionate about communication and building relationships. He has developed a strong rapport with clients, contractors and consultants alike.

  • Timothy Schreiber
    Team Leader - Design

    Timothy Schreiber graduated with a Master in Architecture from the University of Stuttgart in Germany in 2002. After this he worked for PTW and Cox Richardson in Sydney on a wide range of local and international projects.

    In 2005 Timothy relocated to London to join ex-Foster and Partners, director Ken Shuttleworth in his newly opened office Make Architects. From 2009 to 2014 Timothy worked with Zaha Hadid in London and Shanghai on two Landmark projects in both cities. He was responsible for key aspects of both projects from concept design through to construction.

  • Katrina Passer
    Team Leader

    Katrina commenced at Koichi Takada Architects in 2015, bringing eight years of architectural experience to the team spanning across public, residential and educational projects in both large and medium scaled practices in Sydney and London.

    Katrina’s experience lies predominantly in high-end residential projects as Project Architect, leading them from conceptual design through to construction. With a strong focus on use needs, spatial composition and materiality, Katrina is committed to understanding the complexities and constraints of the site and brief to achieve the best possible design outcome.

    Katrina is proficient in contract administration and dedicated to the efficient design and development of projects, working collaboratively with contractors, clients and consultants on site to deliver projects to completion effectively.

  • Frank Crisp
    BIM Coordinator / Model Manager

    Frank Crisp is an experienced Revit specialist. He has extensive experience modelling, documenting and coordinating large multi‐residential mixed-use projects. He implements best practice Revit set-up, modelling, massing and audits, and provides training and technical support to the team.

    Prior to joining Koichi Takada Architects, Frank spent two years working at PTW Australia as model manager for Mascot Central, Poly Horizon Epping and Overland Gardens Rosebery.

    Frank joined KTA to work on a large-scale mixed-use development of three towers in Brisbane’s Exhibition Quarter as BIM Coordinator. He has since worked on a large-scale multi-residential mixed-use project in Fitzroy North, a large-scale interior architecture project in Qatar and a private residence in Castlecrag.

Current staff members

  • Adele Troeger
  • Aine Dowling
  • Alan Zhang
  • Alexzandra Issa
  • Alfonso Nogueira Calle
  • Amanda Tam
  • Angela Garcia
  • Bianca Ezrock
  • Chris Isedale
  • Christopher Smith – Head of Accounts
  • Daniel Covarrubias
  • David Wilson – IT Specialist
  • Elise Vanden Dool
  • Emma Cohen
  • Ethan Zhang
  • Etienne Prost
  • Frank Crisp
  • Georgia Wilson
  • Han Sangbeom
  • Ivan Tan
  • Jinyi Xu
  • Jozsef Berki – Model Maker
  • Julie Lien
  • Katrina Passer
  • Koichi Takada
  • Luisa Moran
  • Marcella Khusworo
  • Natalia Zapata
  • Noel Samyia
    Paolo Stracchi
  • Patrick Girdler
  • Peter Brailey – CFO
  • Sam Taylor
  • Scott Beer
  • Sean Wong
  • Terry Brabazon
  • Tiffany Chang
  • Tim Schreiber
  • Tommy Sutrisno
  • Vernon Cheung
  • Victor Li
  • Vivienne Hinschen
  • Winnie Sheung
  • Zhen Dai