Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


New Website Lifts-off

Koichi Takada Architects’ new website

23 November 2015


Koichi Takada Architects’ new website leaves the launch pad today. Apart from the fact you’ll find it fresh, engaging, straightforward to navigate and responsive on all devices – what you also need to know about its launch is the most visible evidence that KTA has entered an important new phase in its history. The new chapter is one not only characterised by the evolution of the brand but an unfolding of a larger mission: to take its particular expertise and architectural vision to the world (exciting things now happening across the globe, but stay tuned for details in an upcoming newsletter). It’s also a new and exciting period of maturation and consolidation for the architecture firm, just as a clutch of KTA projects begin – and continue — rising from the ground.

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