Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


Habitus 30 x icons

HABITUS Magazine
issue 30 (Dec 2015)

WHAT IS AN ICON? A place, a person, an object?
Thirty global creatives nominate their favourite icon and share their thoughts on what makes it so, and the significant role it plays in our everyday lives.

Koichi Takada
Sydney, Australia

Icon: Rem Koolhass
The Netherlands
1944 –

I first met Rem Koolhaas back in 1995, during my study at AA school in London. I still keep a vivid memory, or perhaps the moment felt more like a shock to me. Koolhaas had made a big impact on my career ever since and changed the way I looked at cities and architecture forever. Koolhaas’ wit and attitude towards design taught me to think outside the box and push boundaries of architecture.
The importance of landscape in a design approach was one important influence I remembered when Koolhaas spoke. I was fascinated to get to know a new possibility in design and creating a much richer journey and experience through architecture as a landscape, rather than the ‘copy-paste’ mediocre buildings that all look the same in global cities, and what Koolhaas once called such a monotonous experience as “the death of architecture”.

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