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WISH Magazine, the Australian Newspaper Features Koichi Takada in Jun. Issue

WISH Magazine, the Australian Newspaper

June issue, 2018

Story Milanda Rout; Portrait Nic Walker


You may not have heard of Koichi Takada but you will soon enough, because the Japanese-born Australian-based architect is about to start changing the skylines of Sydney, Brisbane, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Mexico City. Eight of his projects will be completed in the next 18 months and you won’t be able to miss them. One is a $525 million futuristic apartment/retail structure called Infinity, shaped like a giant loop; another is Arc, a 22-storey building with public rooftop gardens covered in striking curved white ribcages.

Many more developments are in the pipeline, such as the 33-storey Brisbane building with a waterfall that cascades from a rooftop pool to ground level, and the 70-storey “Sky Trees” tower in Los Angeles, improbably designed to combine the look of a 1000-year-old Californian redwood tree with Marilyn Monroe’s iconic flying skirt.

“I was once described as the master of curves,” Takada tells WISH in his office in Sydney’s Surry Hills. “In nature, nothing is straight and every tree has a different shape or proportions. Nature constantly adapts to the changing environment and I see architecture as being very similar to nature.”

Polite and softly spoken in person, the 46-year-old in his practice is a rule breaker who creates controversy with his designs, and likes to push developers and councils to see how far they will bend.

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