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Legendary Japanese Architect behind New ‘Stacked Forest’ in Sydney


23 October 2018


Japanese design has long fascinated style-watchers around the world and Australia is no exception.

From pure simplicity to deep philosophies, the tenets of Japanese design are emulated widely across the architecture.

Sydney will soon welcome it’s very own slice of high-rise Japanese architecture with Mastery, a five-building development co-designed by celebrated architects Kengo Kumo and Koichi Takada.

Kumo is arguably Japan’s most prominent architect, while Sydney-based Takada has won a slew of awards for his innovative designs in Australia.

The pair collaborated to create the tallest of the five towers at Mastery – a 20-storey ‘stacked forest’ with generous landscaping on the balconies and terraces of the building.

Greenery fused into highrise architecture has become a worldwide trend, with more tall towers sprouting living exteriors. ‘Plantscrapers’ address growing sustainability concerns in major cities thanks to their ability to reduce pollution and increase energy efficiency.

The popularity of these vertical forests goes hand-in-hand with the harmony Japanese architecture traditionally inhabits between the built environment and nature.

This design principle persists in modern Japanese buildings with the concept of green luxury an important motivator at Mastery, Takada says.

“As you can see in my work, or even Kengo’s work, we love to talk about nature and incorporate inspiration from nature in architecture,” he says.


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