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Designed by KKAA and Koichi Takada Architects, Mastery by Crown Group Have Successfully Sold 215 Apartments on The First Day of Launch

7 News

19 November 2018


As Sydney’s property market continues its downward spiral today, a rare bright spark that bucked the recent trend, buyers lining up to snap up apartments off the plan for a major development at Waterloo $40 million dollars worth of property sold in a single morning. Lined up and ready to spend this is the very opposite of what Sydney’s apartment market is supposed to be doing.

In the September quarter last year 381 new apartments were sold in Central, Sydney,¬† this year that figure is slumped to just 46, but today as Crown Group offered up apartments from its Waterloo development which is designed by Kengo Kuma Associate and Koichi Takada Architects, the downturn was nowhere to be seen “Sold 215”.

“The first day of the launch is always the best time for our buyers to pick up the best units facing north, facing east, facing the view,” says by Iwan Santino, CEO of Crown Group.

Woody Woo first in line snapping up a sub $600,000 studio. “This one yeah tried to get like above all the cheapest one and I got it yes I’m very lucky”. Karen Williams hoping to downsize, got a three better with a view. “Two¬†bedrooms plus a separate one-bedroom apartment and so I’m able to essentially rent out one and live in the other”

Departments that went on sale today won’t be ready until at the earliest the middle of 2020, and these buyers are betting that Sydney’s property slum by then will have turned around.

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