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Koichi Takada & The Art of Balancing

Architecture & Design

January / March issue of INFOLINK

Prue Miller


It may have been 20 years ago, but Koichi Takada remembers well the day judges awarded him first prize in an architectural competition – not because he won, but because the judges were arguing about his win.

“So I asked Kuma-san, (Kengo Kuma) he was one of the judges, what was happening, I was so confused, and he told me that some of the judges were arguing if I should have won, saying ‘We could not see any architecture in your scheme.”

Today the quietly spoken, internationally acclaimed architect reflects on the mayhem of that day and says, “The question was more powerful than the answer.”

The excitement and enchantment surrounding Koichi’s current body of work echoes the judges of old – his work is not about buildings; it is about relationships in space, relationships that connect people, nature and design. With nary a straight line to be seen, Takada designs have movement; they wave and curl through space.


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