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SCALE Magazine

5th April 2019

by Sindhu Nair


Koichi Takada touches on the Wabi-sabi aesthetics that is on play at the National Museum of Qatar as he takes us through his interior designs within the Museum. By Sindhu Nair

Koichi Takada stands apart, serene yet observant, in the mayhem that surrounds Jean Nouvel and his fan following at the opening of the National Museum of Qatar. His approach to design is similar to his character; in perfect sync with the surrounding, drawing inspiration from nature without disturbing the balance.

Takada reminisces about the buildings he was inspired by in Doha.

“The first time we went to the Museum of Islamic Arts to present our design, we were fascinated by the perfect geometric building. It was even a bit intimidating, as we did not expect this level of quality. Even from where we come, it is a difficult challenge to build a building like that. It is almost perfect geometry. A flawless building. A shrine of sorts,” he says.


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