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Inside The New Architecturally Impressive National Museum Of Qatar


23 April 2019

by Lauren Jade Hill


This month saw the newly completed National Museum of Qatar begin welcoming visitors into its architecturally impressive exhibition space, shops and dining venues. Complementing the breath-taking exterior design of French architect Jean Nouvel, it was Koichi Takada Architects who executed the design of its interiors after winning a global competition to take the project on in 2012.

Built on 1.5 million sq ft at the south end of Doha’s Corniche, the new museum boasts a prominent position in the city with dramatic architecture inspired by the unique mineral formation, desert rose. Koichi Takada designed the interiors to respect and complement this distinct structure, curating his ‘desert-scapes’ concept to create a local cultural experience for visitors and provide a narrative of Qatari history.

“The architecture is a representation of the desert rose mineral formation; a connection to nature,” says Takada. “Each interior space offers a fragment of the Qatari history that aims to enhance and fulfil both a cultural and memorable experience for museum visitors.”


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