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Koichi Takada Architects is selected as one of the Top 10 Architecture Firms in Australia


4th July 2019

by Karl van Es


In preparing lists such as these, a common theme tends to appear that speaks to the ethos that exists between architect and building. With Australia, that theme is without a doubt nature, and the intrinsic relationship Australian architects have with their landscape. Modern architecture and its deliberate separation from nature will have its place in the architectural history of the country but Australia’s raw, overpowering beauty is inspiring a new generation of architects who are defining a refreshingly new contemporary vernacular on the streets and countryside.

If you missed our post on The MUST-SEE Architecture in Sydney, I suggest checking it out as it’s a great place to learn about Australia’s biggest architectural moments and contemporary works.

The Top 10 isn’t a ranking; just a collection of what I feel are the best firms in the country based on their perceived reputation and personal opinion. With that said, here are my picks for The Top 10 Architecture Firms in Australia.

Koichi Takada Architects

There is a pure, almost evocative quality to Koichi Takada’s work that I find very comforting. Their buildings appear rooted in nature without being overly abstract or simplistic. Sydney-based, the firm has completed a number of projects that exemplify this none more so than their Infinity project (pictured) which is part-building and part-landscape. One of the first projects we came across was Arc, a tower in Sydney that featured stunning brick arches and flowing white vertical lines that were detailed to perfection.


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