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‘We had to meet enormous technical challenges’: Behind the build of Qatar’s breathtaking new museum


16 August 2019

by Kate Jones


The star of Sydney-based architect Koichi Takada is definitely rising. Takada is working on some of Australia’s most prestigious projects and being summoned to lend his talents to various international projects.

Takada collaborated with renowned French architect Nouvel, who designed the museum exterior. The result is a complex assortment of buildings topped by round, disk-like roofs placed at varying angles.

Nouvel says the design was inspired by the desert rose, a flower-like aggregate of mineral crystals, found in the arid coastal regions of Qatar.

“Taking the desert rose as a starting point turned out to be a very progressive … the idea,” he says. “To construct a building 350 metres long, with its great big inward-curving disks, and its intersections and cantilevered elements – all the things that conjure up a desert rose – we had to meet enormous technical challenges.

“This building is at the cutting-edge of technology, like Qatar itself.”

Takada’s design is equally as complex. It was inspired by Qatar’s Dhal Al Misfir, or Cave of Light, which was formed by fibrous gypsum crystals that at times gives off a faint glow.


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