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Doha, Qatar What To Expect?


29 October 2019

by Cécilia Pelloux

Qatar and its capital Doha is an easy 6 hour direct flight from Paris with Qatar Airlines. The country-11 000 square kilometers and more than 2,6 million inhabitants-is located in the Persian gulf and shares its frontiers with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Qatar takes its prosperity from hydrocarbons and in particular gas-as it is the 4th global producer of natural gas after the USA, Russia and Iran. Doha where dust and sand meet the cyan of the Persian gulf seems improbable. For the last four decades, the city has been transformed by the help of A-list architects and not the least: Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, I.M Pei, Rem Koolhaas, Renzo Piano. The next great limelight for the country? They will host the 2022 Soccer World Cup. Whether you stay 48 hours or a month, there are a variety of things to discover. From beaches and sand dunes to colorful souks and museums, the country is today on the forefront of global tourism. This first layover to Doha was motivated by the visit of the National Museum of Qatar and finally I had another vision of this country.

What shouldn’t be missed? 

Waterfront marvel’ Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar.

Inside, the museum-a cutting-edge of technology is organized in three chapters: ‘Beginnings’, ‘Life in Qatar’, and ‘The Modern History of Qatar’ and within these chapters are eleven galleries. Each section is a distinctive, 360-degree environment, which brings you into the heart of its theme. The visit-a route over 1.5 kilometers through irregular volumes-can be experienced as a journey from the formation of Qatar peninsula hundreds of millions of years ago to the present day. Interactive exhibits tell the story through exceptional films. In the first gallery you will admire the works of Director Christophe Cheysson and legendary natural history filmmaker Jacques Perrin who have collaborated for  three years to capture the changing environment of Qatar. Incredible.


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