Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


Unveiling Landmark by LEXUS – The Inaugural Premier Design Project

2019 Melbourne Cup LANDMARK by Lexus

31 October 2019


Infusing Lexus’ Japanese values of warmth and hospitality, with design inspirations taken from Australia’s rich native landscape, luxury lifestyle brand Lexus is proud to unveil plans for Australia’s premier design project over the course of the annual Melbourne Cup Carnival, LANDMARK by Lexus-formerly is known as the Lexus Design Pavilion.
Flowing into LANDMARK by Lexus, sustainable artist, Joost Bakker returns to work with Lexus, creating statement centerpieces throughout the three levels that use Australian natives and biodegradable products, including eucalyptus, melaleuca, cypress, and other foliage. These natives pay homage to the Australian landscape and lend themselves to the neutral color and rich textural palette within the pavilion.
Anticipating guest needs, hospitality and cuisine remain a core focus at LANDMARK by Lexus. As guests ascend within LANDMARK by Lexus to the level three dining room, they will be greeted by KoichiTakada’s all-encompassing ceiling installation. Constructed from over one kilometer of textured sheer fabric supplied by Warwick Fabrics, the installation of voluminous drapery will emulate Australia’s fame paperback trees

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