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Skyscraper with condos and a hotel proposed for downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times

10th April 2020

by Roger Vincent


An Australian developer is pushing ahead with new plans for a $500-million skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles that would house both condominiums and a hotel.

Crown Group has been planning to develop property it owns at Hill and 11th streets since 2018 but recently reworked its proposal to include a trendy hotel in a newly designed 43-story tower meant to evoke a California redwood tree.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has slammed residential sales, shuttered many hotels and made construction more challenging, Crown Group is betting that demand for its building will be revived in time for the planned 2025 opening. Executives are working to secure city permission to build the tower and hope to start construction by the end of next year.

The developers hope to stand out among the competition with a design by Koichi Takada Architects that includes a pointy tree-like top, a rarity in Los Angeles, where until 2014 high-rises were required to have flat roofs to accommodate emergency helicopter landings. The 73-story Wilshire Grand Center hotel and office building that opened downtown in 2017 was one of the first tall buildings to have a curving glass crown.


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