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Nature-inspired housing enriches the landscape of our cities


24th May 2020

By Ellie Stathaki


From Tokyo to Sydney and Oslo, architect-led, boutique housing developments are changing the way we live and define the landscape of our cities, creating small-scale visions of modernity and expressing the zeitgeist in the multi-family residential realm

Enjoying architecture in an urban setting while staying at home is not just about a well-designed residential interior; it also expands to the views outside one’s window and the city beyond. And in the crowded environment of the global metropolis, where space is at a premium, this means balancing the need to house greater numbers of people with maintaining a high level of architectural achievement. For denser, yet still spacious and design-led living, boutique housing developments provide an exciting option that strikes the right note between small and large, offering not just quality interiors for residents, but also striking architectural moments that add to a city’s wider landscape. It’s all about the spatial experience, inside and out, seem to be saying the creators of some of the newest, most exciting multi-family residential schemes across the globe.

Calibre, Sydney by Koichi Takada Architects

This luxury development in Sydney’s Surrey Hills is the brainchild of architect Koichi Takada and comprises 18 elegantly designed residences. The concept centres on creating a sanctuary and a green oasis for the residents that evokes the idea of living among trees. The architecture’s defining, undulating glass and timber screen facade, made of vertical elements, works to this end. The development ‘speaks to the natural landscape, becoming an extension of the London Plane tree canopy,’ says Takada. ‘The design of the building is a response to the trees which typically shade the streets and terraces beneath, opening up a new dialogue above the tree-tops. Calibre invites residents to connect with nature, as if living in a treehouse.’ A communal rooftop pool and lounge area allows peeks out above the ‘foliage’ too, opening up to an impressive, 360-degree view of the city.


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