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An example of “Aussie lifestyle” in the architectural ferment of Downtown LA

Interior Furniture Design Magazine

18th May 2020


1111 Hill Street in Downtown Los Angeles, a mixed-use tower of 43 stories designed by Koichi Takada Architects, represents the first investment of Crown Group in the United States, a developer based in Sydney with a portfolio of projects in progress for a value of 5 billion dollars, in five cities on two continents. The project of a tower for residences, hotel and retail facilities, slated for completion in 2024, is the result of a joint venture between Crown Group, the Singapore-based firm Magnus Property Pte Ltd, and one of the leading Indonesian property developers, ASRI, the premium lifestyle brands division of Agung Sedayu Group.

Between South Hill and 11th Street – at the intersection between the financial and fashion districts and South Park – the architecture takes its cue from the typical tall sequoia trees of California, topped by a rounded summit which is a novelty for the Los Angeles skyline, whose regulations call for flat roofs on which to land helicopters. In the ground level platform containing commercial spaces, the facades open, branching towards the outside with an undulated canopy in wood that incorporates a “breathing green wall” that improves air quality, and the urban context at the level of the pedestrian walkways. The uppermost levels will contain over 300 apartments and exclusive shared spaces for the residents, while the lower floors are set aside for a hotel with 160 rooms.


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