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The dos and don’ts of custom joinery

Style Curator

21st July 2020


Custom joinery gives you the ability to tailor design to suit your personality, lifestyle, and space, and is an investment that can completely transform and add value to space — both aesthetically and functionally.

In this article, Jessica Ball, Senior Interior Designer at Koichi Takada Architects shares her insights on the dos and don’ts of custom joinery.

“I’m passionate about the possibilities and benefits of custom joinery design. Whether it’s a custom kitchen, in-built bookshelf, or study area, custom joinery allows freedom to use existing space to its advantage. It allows greater freedom in creativity and customization of form, proportion, texture, materiality as well as functionality,” Jessica.


Do use custom joinery to create a seamless relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Do pay attention to handles.

Do look for opportunities to maximize the height of a space


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