Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


Koichi Takada Architects Completes Iceberg Inspired Mixed-use Building in Sydney


November 28, 2020


Koichi Takada Architects have shared an exclusive first look at the firm’s most recently completed project in Sydney, Australia. ‘infinity’ is a mixed-use residential building that’s articulated by a huge, hollowed-out corner. Designed not only for aesthetic appeal, this carved opening in the middle of the structure creates a natural cooling effect, therefore reducing energy consumption.

Koichi Takada says, ‘infinity has a hole to cool down the building. Infinity’s inception was started with the idea of creating a significant opening in the building structure to draw in wind, to achieve a natural cooling effect of the internal spaces through pressure differentials. This creates an iceberg effect in a highly urbanized setting. Melting icebergs are a result of global warming. They are also known to help cool down and slow the warming in the southern hemisphere. Due to Australia’s proximity to the south pole, Australia receives strong winds and cold fronts from the southeast – a polar vortex which starts in Antarctica.’


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