Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


Koichi Takada Architects’ building Infinity in Sydney ‘Climatises’ architecture

Stir World

December 4, 2020


Koichi Takada Architects recently completed a mixed-use residential building in Sydney, Australia, with a design that lets the structure breathe due to its unique architectural loop feature, along with a void in its sun-facing façade.

Commenting on the design of the building that’s named Infinity, the firm’s principal architect Koichi Takada says, “Infinity has a hole to cool down the building. Infinity’s inception was started with the idea of creating a significant opening in the building structure to draw in wind, to achieve a natural cooling effect of the internal spaces through pressure differentials”.

A 20-storey structure, located at the corner of Bourke Street and Botany Road in Green Square in Sydney, has been built according to Australia’s placement on the meridians and how close it is to the South Pole. The design ensures that the form and architecture support the unique weather conditions of the country.


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