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Crown Group Remain Confident in Weakening Sydney Market

The Urban Developer

21 November 2018


Designed by Koichi Takada Architects, Sydney-based developer Crown Group’s latest project “Mastery” in Sydney’s Waterloo has been launched over the weekend.

The developer said it remains confident for the demand of high-quality offerings within struggling market conditions.

Crown Group sold $40 million worth of apartments in the project’s first stage, with locals snapping up the majority of apartment offerings.

A total of 70 residences were offered for sale over the weekend, although the developer has not yet confirmed how many buyers have made purchases.

Crown Group said a global launch of Mastery will next… Read more

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Designed by KKAA and Koichi Takada Architects, Mastery by Crown Group Have Successfully Sold 215 Apartments on The First Day of Launch

7 News

19 November 2018


As Sydney’s property market continues its downward spiral today, a rare bright spark that bucked the recent trend, buyers lining up to snap up apartments off the plan for a major development at Waterloo $40 million dollars worth of property sold in a single morning. Lined up and ready to spend this is the very opposite of what Sydney’s apartment market is supposed to be doing.… Read more

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Happy 10 Years Anniversary Koichi Takada Architects

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Koichi Takada Architects. Thank you so much for all of you who supported and share this incredible journey with us.


  … Read more

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Koichi Takada Architects’ New Multi-Residential Buildings Create A More Human Relationship Between Residents And Environment

Habitus Living

8 November 2018

by Rebecca Gross


Koichi Takada Architects has designed Calibre, a new apartment complex, with a focus on craft and nature to create a more human relationship between residents and their environment.

The Arts and Crafts movement emerged in the nineteenth century as a reaction to industrialization, as theorists and designers placed value on craftsmanship and natural materials and looked to nature for inspiration. Calibre is a new multi-residential development designed by Koichi Takada Architects – and much like the Arts and Crafts movement, it responds to the mass-produced, standardized and impersonal architecture of many… Read more

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Koichi Takada And Kengo Kuma Naturalise Architecture In Sydney

Habitus Living

7 November 2018


According to Japanese-born, Sydney-based architect Koichi Takada “naturalizing architecture” is part of his role as an architect: “I feel the responsibility towards reversing the cycle of civilization and bringing nature back into architecture – we need to create breathing space.”

At ‘In Conversation’, an event run as part of the SCCI Architecture Hub in October, Koichi came together with internationally-renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma to discuss their approaches to naturalizing architecture. Exploring a series of their own projects, as well as the… Read more

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Refreshing The Sites, Calibre is One of The Sydney Apartment Buildings with Wow-factor


5 November 2018


Back in Surry Hills, Koichi Takada’s upcoming Calibre has also impressed Milligan. With an undulating glass and timber-screened façade, the eight-storey building will house 18 apartments.

“It’s a stunning building and a clear case of an architecturally led project with little to no compromise along the way,” he says.

“It holds the streetscape and it does what good architecture should: it makes you stop and admire.”


For the complete article, please visit DomainRead more

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The New Jewel in Sydney, Skye Suites Sydney designed by Koichi Takada Architects

Financial Review

22 October 2018


Skye Suites Sydney occupies nine floors of Arc, a striking new 25-storey highrise designed by the Tokyo-born Sydney architect Koichi Takada.

At street level, Arc presents as a handsome 19th-century warehouse, its red-brick columns holding up elegant arches. Twin towers above are topped with arched ribs that look from a distance like white armadillo shells.

A constantly shifting 12-metre light sculpture by the Melbourne-based studio Ramus Illumination floats above an airy arcade running through the development from Clarence to Kent streets and bisected by the cobblestoned Skittle Lane.

The Arc foyer is in… Read more

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Legendary Japanese Architect behind New ‘Stacked Forest’ in Sydney


23 October 2018


Japanese design has long fascinated style-watchers around the world and Australia is no exception.

From pure simplicity to deep philosophies, the tenets of Japanese design are emulated widely across the architecture.

Sydney will soon welcome it’s very own slice of high-rise Japanese architecture with Mastery, a five-building development co-designed by celebrated architects Kengo Kumo and Koichi Takada.

Kumo is arguably Japan’s most prominent architect, while Sydney-based Takada has won a slew of awards for his innovative designs in Australia.

The pair collaborated to create the tallest of the five towers at Mastery – a 20-storey ‘stacked forest’ with… Read more

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Koichi Takada Architects’ Infinity Nears Completion in Sydney’s Green Square


18 October 2018


‘Infinity’ by Crown group, the so-called ‘landscape tower’ designed by Koichi Takada Architects, is nearing completion after five years in the making. the practice won the project in 2014 through the city of Sydney design excellence competition, during which the team has overcome a series of design and construction challenges to deliver a stand-out piece of architecture. as the scaffolding is slowly being removed, the structure is just beginning its unveiling, with an expected completion in early 2019.

A lot of people underestimate the shape of infinity,’ says Koichi Takada. ‘we’re not doing it because we think it looks cool, it was… Read more

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Renowned architects Kengo Kuma and Koichi Takada team up to design Waterloo’s newest landmark


12 October 2018


The Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is one of the most celebrated designers of his generation, renowned for his visionary fusion of traditional Japanese style with game-changing technological innovation.

Japanese-born, Sydney-based architect Koichi Takada has long admired the work of the man he refers to as “Kuma-san”.

“Kuma-san has a more human approach to design and architecture, which I connect to, as opposed to past masters who were more like gods; untouchable,” Takada says.

Now, for the first time, Kuma and Takada are working together, collaborating on a new mixed-use development coming to Waterloo.

“It is a… Read more

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