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Nature-inspired housing enriches the landscape of our cities


24th May 2020

By Ellie Stathaki


From Tokyo to Sydney and Oslo, architect-led, boutique housing developments are changing the way we live and define the landscape of our cities, creating small-scale visions of modernity and expressing the zeitgeist in the multi-family residential realm

Enjoying architecture in an urban setting while staying at home is not just about a well-designed residential interior; it also expands to the views outside one’s window and the city beyond. And in the crowded environment of the global metropolis, where space is at a premium, this means balancing the need to house greater numbers of people with maintaining a high level of architectural… Read more

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The Robb Interview: Architect Koichi Takada

Robb Report

21th May 2020

by Terry Christodoulou


The globally-renown, Australian-based architect on nature and the very real need to bend rules and rally against monotony.

Architect Koichi Takada has never taken the easy option.

Born in Tokyo, at 16 he held dreams of pursuing life as a fashion designer or an artist – aimed at realising a firm desire to live in Manhattan.

He eventually came to architecture – a combination of art and engineering – as a pathway to appease such wants and those of his parents.

It didn’t quite workout – his father offering an easy life and… Read more

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Designers will be challenged to integrate to post-COVID-19 restrictions says Jessical Ball

Australian Design Review

21st May 2020

by Elisa Scarton


Our Senior Interior Designer, Jessica Ball, discusses the importance of incorporating nature in a post-COVID world and the challenges we designers face. Full interview below.

Designers will be challenged to “respond to” and “come up with” strategies that address and alleviate concerns about public safety and physical comfort post-COVID-19 according to interior architect Jessica Ball.

“The challenge will be creating that sense of distancing and encouraging people to spread out in an integrated and beautiful way.”

Interior architect Jessica Ball. Portrait supplied.

Speaking to ADR, Ball says the pandemic would make people… Read more

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Natural Selection

Mansion Australian

Issue 35 | May 2020


A Planet Ark study three years ago found that workers are less stressed and more productive, students learn better, patients heal faster, and people are generally happier and calmer in indoor areas that contain wooden elements.

Crown Group’s new development, Mastery by Crown Group, in Sydney’s Waterloo, highlights the trend with its extensive use of timber across its five-tower precinct. Crown’s chairman and chief executive, Iwan Sunito, says that on meeting architect Kengo Kuma, he thought seriously about the notion that people respond viscerally to natural materials such as rocks, timber and… Read more

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Koichi Takada Architects Plans Mixed-Use Tower for LA

Hospitality Design

28th April 2020

by Will Speros


Australian developer Crown Group has revealed plans for a new residential-and-hotel tower in Downtown Los Angeles. Sydney-based firm Koichi Takada Architects will spearhead the design of the 43-story skyscraper, known as 1111 Hill Street. The project is slated for completion in 2024.

The design of the building will reflect Crown Group’s philosophy of looking ahead toward the future. The façade will reference California’s iconic redwood trees and feature a dramatic street canopy that will transform the lower stretch of the building into a “breathing green wall” aimed at improving air quality. In addition to luxe… Read more

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Koichi Takada Architects reveals tree-like skyscraper for Downtown Los Angeles

The Architect’s Newspaper

16th April 2020

by Shane Reiner-Roth


Australian firm Koichi Takada Architects, in collaboration with MVE + Partners as the architect of record, has unveiled its latest design for Sky Trees, a 43-story tower set for the corner of 11th Street and Hill Street in Downtown Los Angeles. Crown Group, the Singapore-based developer of the project, is hoping to start construction by the end of next year and has set an estimated budget of $500 million. “It’s rare to find the central district of a large cosmopolitan city on the verge of such significant change,” said Crown Group chief executive officer Iwan Sunito… Read more

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New SKYE Suites Hotel in Infinity Is Opened for Long-stay Guests During Pandemic

Commercial Real Estate

13th April 2020

by Sue Williams


A new Sydney hotel is bucking the coronavirus-hit tourism downturn by opening its doors three months earlier than planned.

As a number of other hotels close to visitors during the pandemic, SKYE Suites is fast-tracking the opening of its hotel in Green Square because of a surge in demand it has found for longer-term stays.

“We see a lot of hotels closing down at the moment, but we’ve experienced a lot of demand for longer-stay accommodation,” said Crown Group’s chief executive Iwan Sunito.

The eye-catching building, made up mostly of residential apartments, was… Read more

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Skyscraper with condos and a hotel proposed for downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times

10th April 2020

by Roger Vincent


An Australian developer is pushing ahead with new plans for a $500-million skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles that would house both condominiums and a hotel.

Crown Group has been planning to develop property it owns at Hill and 11th streets since 2018 but recently reworked its proposal to include a trendy hotel in a newly designed 43-story tower meant to evoke a California redwood tree.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has slammed residential sales, shuttered many hotels and made construction more challenging, Crown Group is betting that demand for its building will… Read more

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Arquitectura Viva features National Museum of Qatar Gift Shops

Arquitectura Viva

February 2020 No. 221 issue


The interior design of the National Museum of Qatar in Doha sought first of all to resonate with the image of a desert rose that the French architect Jean Nouvel had chosen to give the building, and secondly to ensure an intelligible reading of the intricate journey through the country’s history that the institution offers.

This two-pronged approach involved carrying out a series of actions, the most stunning and technically sophisticated among which is in the museum gift shops, whose sinuous geometries bring to mind one of Qatar’s most noteworthy natural landmarks,… Read more

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Koichi Takada’s Restaurant at the National Museum of Qatar

Architecture & Design

17th March 2020


Situated within the National Museum of Qatar, Jiwan is the latest dining destination to open its doors in Qatar’s capital of Doha. With interior designs by Koichi Takada Architects and a contemporary Qatari menu.

Jiwan is the Qatari word for the ‘perfect pearl’, rose-tinted white, completely round with a luster so pure that it comes alive with radiance.

Every element of the restaurant’s design takes inspiration from the Qatari Bedouin heritage and rich traditions linked to activities by the sea – fishing, pearl diving and old wooden sailing dhows. The colours and textures… Read more

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