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Japanese heritage within an Australian environment: LANDMARK by Lexus

Indesign Live

06 November 2019

Anna Reid


Infusing Lexus’ Japanese values of warmth and hospitality with Australia’s rich native landscapes comes LANDMARK at Lexus 2019 by Koichi Takada Architects. This premier design project reimagines the hospitality and cuisine experience at the annual Melbourne Cup Carnival.

It’s no easy feat creating a sanctuary within an enclosure known for over-the-top excessiveness. But this year LANDMARK at Lexus has done just that, with a highly refined approach for its pavilion in its second year on millionaire’s row, in the Birdcage precinct. Building on last year’s thinking, the approach was to create a new conversation… Read more

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Unveiling Landmark by LEXUS – The Inaugural Premier Design Project

2019 Melbourne Cup LANDMARK by Lexus

31 October 2019

 … Read more

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Doha, Qatar What To Expect?


29 October 2019

by Cécilia Pelloux

Qatar and its capital Doha is an easy 6 hour direct flight from Paris with Qatar Airlines. The country-11 000 square kilometers and more than 2,6 million inhabitants-is located in the Persian gulf and shares its frontiers with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Qatar takes its prosperity from hydrocarbons and in particular gas-as it is the 4th global producer of natural gas after the USA, Russia and Iran. Doha where dust and sand meet the cyan of the Persian gulf seems improbable. For the last four decades, the city has been transformed by… Read more

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An oasis of calm in the Birdcage madness

Australian Financial Review

25 October 2019

by Dan F. Stapleton


The unofficial theme of this year’s Birdcage seems to be Bigger, Bolder and Brasher. Each of the 11 brands represented in the invitation-only enclosure – Seppelt Wines, Mumm and Schweppes among them – is attempting to up the ante in some way.

High-end jeweller Kennedy is decking out its front-row marquee with millions of dollars worth of rare timepieces and casually installing a jazz band. Network 10, which has been gifted a significant slice of the front row as part of its new partnership deal, is building a fully… Read more

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Why architecture can be a solution to climate change


23 October 2019

Jenny Brown


One of Australia’s most influential architects says his industry is at a critical point in the making of new buildings as they relate to climate change.

To the biggest annual gathering of the folk responsible for such a large portion of the public realm, the Sydney-based but globally-operative Koichi Takada will argue that because of the measurable impacts of climate change, the industry as a whole is at such a critical point “that we must now change our drive from one of commercialisation to mass greening”. 

“And that will beRead more

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‘I Do Push’: Koichi Takada On Rules And Criticism

The Urban Developer

18 October 2019

Dinah Lewis Boucher


Koichi Takada talks to journalist Dinah Lewis Boucher ahead of his talk at URBANITY 2019

Keynote speaker: Koichi Takada
The Humanising of Architecture: Inside the nature-inspired mind of architectural prodigy Koichi Takada
Thursday 24 October
Howard Smith Wharves, 5 Boundary Street, Brisbane


Architect Koichi Takada is five minutes late when The Urban Developer catches up with him, delayed by news he has just picked up a new project—a commercial development with an American IT giant he won’t yet disclose.

The Sydney firm,… Read more

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National Museum of Qatar Gift Shops

Premier Retail Magazine

ISSUE 3.1 September 2019


Koichi Takada Architects’ scope for the national museum of Qatar in Doha has completed after eight years in the making. The grand opening on Wednesday 28th March 2019 revealed the much anticipated and captivating designs by Koichi Takada Architects, including its museum shop.… Read more

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Koichi Takada Architects creat stunning cave-like gift shops using timber inside the National Museum of Qatar


June 2019 #43


The grand opening of the National Museum of Qatar in March earlier this year revealed the much-anticipated and captivating interior designed by Australian studio – Koichi Takada Architects – who are nearing the completion of their scope of work after almost 8 years in the making. The design studio has completed two gift shops inside Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar in Doha, featuring undulating wooden surfaces. The two cave-like gift shops are the first of a number of interiors spaces that Koichi Takada Architects has designed inside the new museum, along… Read more

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ARC: Demonstrating careful consideration of its heritage surroundings

AA – Architecture Australia

Issue: Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure
Sept / Oct 2019

Project review: ARC
By Peter John Cantril

Page 78 – 84

Demonstrating careful consideration  of its heritage surrounds and with a mix of uses throughout, this finely detailed skyscraper advances the social culture.


The attractions of city centres, including their proximity to high-value jobs and a vibrant social culture, continue to draw people closer together. Simultaneously, our current climate emergency requires us to reduce emissions and waste.

Choosing to live in an apartment rather than a house can lessen our environmental impact by… Read more

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Koichi Takada, the architect who invites nature into Australian cities

Good Weekend

The Sydney Morning Herald

31 August 2019

by Benjamin Law


The Tokyo-born architect, 47, is responsible for some of Sydney’s most recognisable new buildings, including Infinity at Green Square and, in the CBD, Arc – known for its arched facade made from 300,000 bricks.


Did you grow up with any religion?
In Japan, we have Shinto – worshipping nature, if you like. It’s why we have shrines in the landscape, why we climb mountains and visit shrines on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We also worship Japanese gods through matsuri [festivals]. It becomes part… Read more

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