Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney

The Waterfall

Delicate waterfalls over moss covered cliffs

Designed by Koichi Takada Architects, the world’s tallest man-made waterfall architecture wins approval in Brisbane.

The Koichi Takada-designed building, located on Hope Street South Brisbane, will feature 216 residential apartments.

The 118-meter high waterfall that runs the full length of the western elevation of the tower. Water will start off on the rooftop pool deck and slowly cascade down the tower via glass panels, visually dividing the tower into two parts. As the waterfall reaches the podium of the tower, just like a natural waterfall, the water will dissipate with a misting effect created on the podium’s green walls and ground level planting.

In addition to contributing to the maintenance of the plants and providing a visual clue to the water features in the design, the misting will carry down to the public domain creating a cooling effect to pedestrians and visitors to the retail section. The waterfall and green walls will be illuminated at night.

Architectural design features include expansive green walls covering large portions of the tower’s facade, especially on the long west-facing side, which is heavily shaded using screens and green planting. The greenery will incorporate a misting irrigation technique to cool the air as it passes through the green facade.

The planned rooftop recreation deck features a myriad of indoor and outdoor residential amenities, delivering views over Austin towards the Brisbane River and CBD. The 1040sqm rooftop has 40 percent indoor amenity including gym, yoga room, change rooms, theatre, and bookable dining rooms equipped with a full commercial kitchen. External amenities include a 50m lap pool, BBQ area, built-in seating, sunken lounges and landscaping.

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