Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


“It really is the Australian Dream.
To live right on the waters edge, surrounded by panoramic ocean views and a lifestyle that is nothing short of a celebration of this spectacular setting.” Koichi Takada

Bower is a new building designed by Koichi Takada comprising six apartments over five levels situated on the water’s edge at Manly’s cabbage Tree Bay in Sydney.

“Design should not speak too loudly. What’s important is how you live your life and how you connect to your environment. When you are living in our design, our goal is that you don’t see our design. It’s what we call invisible architecture. It puts you at ease, in your most relaxed state of mind.” Koichi Takada.

The beauty of the natural environment was the immediate inspiration for the architecture of the Bower in Sydney’s Manly. Situated on an elongated block that slopes down to the beach, the site provides iconic views of the bower – where the wave breaks at Manly – as well as Shelley Beach. On the ground floor, the back garden sits at the water’s edge, connected by a natural rock platform which appears and disappears with the tides.

Nature is apparent in every detail of Bower’s spectacular external architecture. The sweeping curves of the facade are reminiscent of the shape of the picturesque Manly coastline or the rolling waves of the Pacific.


The architecture responds to its extraordinary site in several ways. The layout is intelligent, maximising spectacular ocean views from as many rooms and angles as possible. Every design decision has been made in reference to this aspect, including considerate placement of columns and minimal framing of windows thanks to a thin steel structure.

Timber screens on either side of the block are horizontally articulated, again designed to provide glimpses of the ocean, but also screening the apartments from neighbours either side. The interiors, designed by Mim Design, connect with the lines of the architecture, bringing the same detail into the kitchens, while continuing a palette of thin steel, glass, natural timber and stone inside.

While the Bower apartments feature the latest in technology and home automation, these aspects of luxury remain secondary to the true luxury of generously-proportioned living spaces with incredible ocean views embedded within a relaxing, natural environment. This project minimises architecture in order to maximise nature.

Interior Design – Mim Design

“From inception, the bower project was informed by a minimalist aesthetic and inspired by the luxury of space and natural minerals.

We placed great importance on framing the panoramic ocean views and making them a breathtaking backdrop to our stunning, free flowing living spaces. The refined beauty of the architecture provided inspiration for the clean lines, minimalist aesthetic of the interiors, creating a sense of harmony and unity”

Miriam Fanning

Principal – Mim Design


“When I first visited this site I was struck by the raw beauty of the sun rising over the ocean. It was simply breathtaking. I knew immediately that was the moment I wanted to capture and share with others.” Koichi Takada

  • Project Bower
  • Location 102 Bower Street, Manly, Sydney
  • Client CostaFox Developments
  • Completion date 2018
  • Architecture Koichi Takada Architects
  • Interior Mim Design
  • Project consultants PDS Group
  • CGI 4D Studio