Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


Naturally crafted, perfectly placed in the heart of Surry Hills

An oasis in the city’s heartland fringe, Calibre is situated in Surry Hills, a sanctuary from the vibrant streetscape, with a view over Sydney’s CBD skyline.

Light as air, Calibre’s undulating glass and timber screened facade sits like a soaring bamboo forest in the streetscape.

This gentle architectural silhouette maximises sun, air and views while inside these flowing ideals evolve into beautiful cosmopolitan living spaces.


Leading lines, luxurious details and tactile appeal, Calibre’s message is one of effortless simplicity. Intelligent planning and floor-to-ceiling glazing really work to bring the outside in. Slatted screening and barely-there glass create both openness and privacy.

Enduringly beautiful interiors are drawn with a true artisan’s eye.

Natural textures and hues make these tranquil apartments supremely restful with generous and elegantly crafted details.

This exquisite and artful building houses an exclusive collection of just 18 beautifully designed residences.


  • ProjectCalibre
  • Location 10-14 Cooper Street, Surry Hills, Sydney Australia
  • Client Icon Oceania Surry Hills
  • StatusDesign Development
  • ArchitectureKoichi Takada Architects
  • Landscape ArchitectureBlack Beetle Landscape Architecture and Design
  • CGIIvolve Studios
  • Structural/Civil EngineerSimpson Design Associates
  • Services EngineersWood & Grieve
  • PCACity Plan Services
  • Accessible ConsultantAccessiblity Solutions