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Design More Planets

Coming up with design concepts for new planets could help solve the problems affecting humanity on Earth, according to architect Winy Maas.


30 June 2020

Marcus Fairs


Issues such as climate change and habitat destruction can only be solved by thinking about Earth as a holistic design challenge, Maas said.

Coming up with alternative planets could help provide insights and solutions that could be applied here, he said during a recent live interview with Dezeen conducted as part of Virtual Design Festival.

“It would be wonderful to design more planets and to compare them because there are different dreams,” said the Dutch architect, who is co-founder of Rotterdam studio MVRDV.

“It would be very useful in that way to fantasise on that because it would mirror what we should do now.”

Maas added that the planet needed to be managed in the same way that landscapes are managed in countries like the Netherlands.

“Managing the planet is probably a very human activity,” he said. “Managing nature is part of our urbanism.”

Population grown means that systems need to be put in place to determine where people will live, where food will be grown and which areas will be set aside for wildlife, he said.

“We will be with 11 billion people soon,” he said. “We have to manage that growth. Some of us will go to the tundras in order to survive.”

“We have to deal with that and with the new densities that [will] occur and also to keep enough emptiness for oxygen and water management.”


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