Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney

Pacific Bondi Beach

Koichi Takada’s signature Lighthouse designs have created spaces that are a ritual of daily experience and a celebration of life.

“The more we looked at the space, the more we knew we had to put the focus on that amazing backdrop of Bondi Beach. Gazing out to the ocean from Pacific’s enormous terraces is so dramatic, it blows your mind.

For us, context is very important. We wanted to draw that natural inspiration inside, juxtaposing the energy and texture of the beach environment – the breeze, the air, the smell of the sea salt – with the refinement and luxury embodied within these oceanfront homes. We sought to capture that natural luxury and represent it in physical form.

Living here is a beautiful experience. Everything you touch within the space is beautiful. The mood is soft, calming and always easy on the eye.

Koichi Takada



  • Winner Development Excellence Awards Development of the Year 2016


From inception, the interiors for PACIFIC were informed by a minimalist approach, inspired┬áby the luxury of space and surrounding beauty of Bondi’s backdrop.


Natural forms and finishes lend themselves beautifully to the deliberate use and play of natural light throughout the entire design.


In the lighthouses, your sprawling private quarters are not a secondary element, but an integral feature comprising the master suite, walk-in wardrobe and luxurious bathroom.

A sea of stone flows underfoot. Full height double-stitched leather wardrobes open to reveal handsome interiors. Bronzed tiles shimmer like raised sea treasure, reflected in the huge mirrored backdrop to the sculptural free-standing bath. Polished wax walls bring a beautiful lustre and splendid depth.

Above all, these private havens grant the simple pleasures of a place of beauty and calm to sleep, dress and wash away the cares of the day.

“We wanted to connect to the nature of Bondi Beach, where light is constantly changing – never singular and monotonous, but a constant changing atmosphere that we could reflect in the interior,” Koichi Takada

  • Project Pacific Bondi Beach
  • Location Bondi Beach, Sydney
  • Clients Rebel Property Group and Captil. el Group
  • Status Completed 2016
  • Interior Design Koichi Takada Architects
  • Architecture Andrew Andersons of PTW Architects
  • Contractor Hutchinson Builders
  • Photography Sharrin Rees