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Protecting Cyclists from Wind Tunnels

London introduces guidance to protect cyclists from wind tunnels created by skyscrapers


23 August 2019

by Tom Ravenscroft


The City of London has introduced a set of guidelines for proposed developments to protect pedestrians and cyclists from wind tunnels created by the increasing number of skyscrapers.

Described by the City of London Corporation as the “UK’s first wind microclimate guidelines”, the rules will require proposed buildings over 25-metres high to undergo strict wind-testing to determine the impact the development will have at street level.

The guidance has been introduced with the aim of protecting pedestrians and cyclists from gusts of wind that may push them onto roads and into the path of vehicles.

“With the number of tall buildings in the Square Mile growing, it is important that the knock-on effects of new developments on the wind at street-level are properly considered,” said Alastair Moss, chair of the planning and transportation committee.


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