Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


We take joy in people being excited by our spaces – when the design becomes a talking point and a memorable experience.

Koichi Takada Architects have significant experience in the design of casual dining and upmarket restaurants. With a highly regarded ability to ‘think outside the box’ we are sought after to create distinct experiences in keeping with the restauranteur’s ambitions.

By carefully considering lighting and acoustics of a space, we are able to create a comfortable atmosphere that appeals to patrons and enhances their dining experience.

Inspired by the natural form and colour of a sea-shell, this Sushi Train concept allows a sense of comfort in enclosure.  By having a unique architectural character, value is added to the restaurant as it has become a dining destination that costumers seek out.

A ‘shell white’ canopy creates a relaxing and calming environment in which to dine. Timber elements bring warmth to the interior palette and provide dramatic architectural character unique to the project giving it a distinct and timeless identity.


  • ProjectShell (Sushi Train Greenslopes)
  • LocationGreenslopes, Queensland
  • ClientSushi Train Australia
  • Completion DateNovember 2011
  • Design TeamKoichi Takada Architects
  • Construction TeamKTT Renovations Pty Ltd
  • PhotographsCHJ Photography