Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney

Silhouette House

Silhouette House
“We’ve got the most amazing architect, Koichi Takada”Jennifer Hawkins

Horizontal extension provides visual privacy from below and diffused sunlight from above. Between the canopies, ‘silhouette house’ frames the uninterrupted view of the horizon, creating pleasant living spaces in which to enjoy the atmosphere. The concept of the ‘silhouette house’ is the diffusions of light and shadow. Subtle elements of dappled light and shade enhances a lifestyle of resort retreat. Horizontal canopies create layer upon layer of shadow, inviting relation and tranquility.

“…absolutely meticulous attention to detail and line.”
Australian Design Review, April 2011

  • Project Silhouette House, Private Residential House
  • Location Northern Beaches, Sydney
  • Architecture Koichi Takada Architects
  • Builder J Group Projects
  • Photography Sharrin Rees