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‘Worst in A Generation’

Byron Bay beach damage ‘worst in a generation’ as storms batter 1,000km of coastline

The Guardian

December 14, 2020

by Ben Smee and Australian Associated Press


Byron Bay locals say damage to the town’s main beach is “the worst in a generation” as heavy rain, abnormally high tides, and wild surf, combined with long term erosion problems, washed away much of the remaining sand.

Storms have battered a 1,000km stretch of the Queensland and northern NSW coastline for several days with conditions not expected to ease until Tuesday morning. Strong winds and heavy rainfall have caused damage and flash flooding in both states.

Residents had been warned the weather system, which is moving in the opposite direction to a tropical cyclone, would strike with the same intensity as a category one storm.
At Byron Bay, 8 meter-high waves and a large storm surge coincided with one of the largest spring tides of the year.

A local resident of some 20 years, Michael Deeny, said he’d never seen the beach stripped of so much sand. “It looks like it’s been hollowed out, it really is incredible,” he said.


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