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Koichi Takada Architects named in Archello’s list of 25 best Australian architecture firms.

With a global outlook and a local sensibility, Koichi Takada Architects craft evocative spaces that honour the surrounding context and capture the essence of humanity

Australian architecture is characterized by an alluring blend of cultural influences and unique natural landscapes that stretch across the continent. From the timelessness of traditional aboriginal dwellings to the striking contemporary structures that dot urban centres like Sydney and Melbourne, Australian architecture reflects the nation’s dynamic spirit and ever-evolving nature. Colonial architecture, influenced by British and European styles, left an indelible mark on Australia’s built environment. From the grand Victorian-era buildings in Melbourne to the charming Georgian townhouses in Sydney’s historic neighbourhoods, these architectural remnants stand as a testament to the country’s colonial past. The late 19th and early 20th centuries witnessed a boon of a distinctly Australian style, marked by red bricks, ornate details, and wide verandas, where elements from Victorian, Edwardian, and Arts and Crafts styles came together.

Today, the Australian architectural landscape is a vibrant tapestry of cutting-edge designs and innovation that coexist with the underlying multicultural fabric. Beyond the urban cores, regional and remote areas have seen a rise in off-grid and sustainable architecture. Australian architects derive ongoing inspiration from the surrounding landscapes, harnessing natural design elements and creating structures that seamlessly integrate with the environment. Following is a list of 25 architecture firms in Australia that stand out for their ingenuity, resourcefulness, and technical proficiency.


What Archello had to say about us:

Koichi Takada Architects is a visionary architectural firm driven by the belief that a deeper connection with nature can enhance our urban existence. Their designs seamlessly merge with the environment, drawing inspiration from the planet and its inhabitants. From environmentally friendly high-rises to humble residences that inspire positive change, their creations embody a sense of purity and embrace organic forms. With a global outlook and a local sensibility, Koichi Takada Architects craft evocative spaces that honour the surrounding context and capture the essence of humanity. Their team is united by a shared commitment to continual growth and making a positive impact. Inclusivity, passion, and an inquisitive spirit define their design culture, fostering thriving communities and global connections.  Koichi Takada Architects prioritize building relationships and providing localized support, blending the expertise of an international firm with a deep understanding of local dynamics. Their ultimate goal is to create a harmonious partnership between nature and civilization, enriching both ecosystems for a better future.


The high-calibre selection of acclaimed firms also included in the list of best Australian architects were Woods Bagot, Hassell, Tony Owen Partners, McBride Charles Ryan, Lyons, FMD Architects, Jackson Clements Burrows, Austin Maynard Architect  Luigi Rosselli Architects, Iredale Pedersen Hook, Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, CplusC, MCK Architects, Smart Design Studio, Modscape, Bates Smart, Alexander & Co, Bent Architecture, Kavellaris Urban Design, Breathe Architecture, Shaun Lockyer Architects, B.E. Architecture, Cumulus Studio and DKO Architecture. Read Archello article.

Image Credit: Norfolk photograph by Scott Burrows.