One with the world
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Our commitment

One with the World

One with the World

We understand the limitations of the earth’s resources, so we practice moderation to help sustain the environment. As leaders in conscious architecture, we turn sustainability from an abstract concept into a positive and restorative experience for the people and places we work with. Our people care deeply about their planet, which is why we focus on regenerative designs that minimise environmental impact and draw on clean, green energy.

Our Principles

Positive mind

As leaders in conscious architecture, we consider every brief an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the future of our planet. Our sustainable and carbon-neutral designs enrich our homes, cities and lives through a sensitive and climate-positive approach.

Conscious spirit

We consider a philosophy of harmony between humans and the earth. When this balance is achieved it produces enduring architecture that delivers positive environmental and social outcomes for all.

Brave insight

We dare to design the buildings that make the world a more amazing and inspiring place. A hunger for innovation and excellence informs the places we create, and pushes us forward every day.

How we are making a difference

Australian Architects Declare signatory

Koichi Takada Architects is a signatory of Australian Architects declare and a member of the Green Building Council of Australia. We share our vision with clients and partners and encourage them to join us on our mission.
Australian Architects Declare

Certified Carbon Neutral Practice

Koichi Takada Architects is proudly carbon neutral certified as a practice and is taking active steps to make all projects carbon neutral by 2030. The practice designs for net-zero energy in operations and net-zero impact in construction, recognising its responsibility to the environment and the impact of the climate crisis.
Climate Neutral

‘Continual Member’ of the GBCA since 2019

“Our purpose is to protect the environment and restore its resources. We aim to achieve this through architecture, focusing on the health and wellbeing of our users and the planet we inhabit. The Green Building Council Australia enables our collective effort to transform the built environment.” Koichi Takada, Principal
Green Building Council of Australia


Green Building Council of Australia 2023-2024
Green Building Council of Australia 2023-2024
Australian Institute of Architects 2024
Australian Institute of Architects 2024
Royal Institute of British Architects 2024
Royal Institute of British Architects 2024