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The Local Project features Palm Frond Retreat

Taking its name from the surrounding palms and creating a connection with place, the architects saw the palm fronds as a representation of stippled light and shelter.

A Nature Inspired Sanctuary

Taking cues from its immediate environment, Palm Frond Retreat by Koichi Takada Architects respectively blurs the boundaries between the internal and external spaces. Accentuating vistas towards the natural landscape beyond, the design allows its occupants to seamlessly transition between indoors and out.

Set within Sydney’s Balmoral Beach, Palm Frond Retreat places views of the beach and tree canopy at the forefront of the experience. The brief required a relaxed home for the clients, away from their high-pressure careers, and an emphasis on the water. In response, the architects created a contemporary residence that continually references site elements to maximise its relationship with the landscape beyond. With connection being the primary theme, Palm Frond Retreat inevitably responds to an indoor‐outdoor liveability.

Palm Frond Retreat sits atop the tree line and opens up to views across the water. Photo by Tom Ferguson.
From the balcony, horizontal timber slats continue sightlines to the waterline and distant horizon. Photo by Tom Ferguson.
A tiered interior courtyard allows dynamic vertical movement throughout the retreat. Photo by Tom Ferguson.

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