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Sustainability Spotlight - Architects and Developers

As featured in the inaugural issue of The Commercial Project, The Local Project shines a spotlight on Koichi Takada Architects and 6 other companies prioritising sustainable practice through their projects and / or developments.


Koichi Takada Architects takes a diverse and rigorous approach to sustainability. Through empathy, curiosity and education, the practice aims to turn sustainability from an abstract concept into a positive and restorative experience. By harnessing the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, Koichi Takada Architects designs “smarter” buildings and cities, striving to not only save energy but generate and store energy. The practice’s recently approved project, Urban Forest in Brisbane, incorporates solar panels, rainwater and grey water harvest, and is targeting a 6-star Green Star rating. The apartments enjoy three-metre-high ceilings and benefit from natural light and ample cross flow ventilation. Most notably, the building is draped in greenery; this natural insulation helps to keep the building cool and mitigates the heat island effect of built-up urban locations. It also directly connects residents to nature, as does the on-site Urban Farm – the first of its kind. This project promotes a sustainable future whereby nature and human wellbeing sit firmly at the forefront, even within densely populated, inner-city locations.


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