Koichi Takada Architects - Sydney


We draw inspiration from nature

We draw inspiration from nature

We learn from the process, formations, structures and natural life in the environment to inspire our design. Nature teaches us. There is more to architecture than the creation of beautiful forms, and it must involve all of our senses. The feeling of a soft breeze, the acoustics in a cave or the ambience of natural light through a tree canopy – these are elements we cannot draw, but try to involve in the experience of architecture.

Invisible architecture

Invisible architecture

Koichi Takada Architects aims to explore the boundaries of the perception of architecture. When does architecture best embody the qualities and virtues of nature? With a self-effacing hand, Koichi Takada has demonstrated through his past projects how architecture based on an understanding of nature and the elements can expose nature to itself. The elements become the shapers and the protagonists of the built form, not the architecture itself.

Architecture in time

Architecture in Time

Koichi Takada Architects’ approach to architecture is also an embodiment of a shift in lifestyle. Based on an understanding of the life cycle of the spaces and the ever-changing use of space through time, Koichi Takada Architects’ architecture is designed to stand the test of time and to evolve with time. In the face of a changing industry, Koichi Takada Architects’ architecture highlights environmental initiatives and credentials that are becoming increasingly critical to the sustainability of the projects we undertake. Design for now. Design for later. Design with nature.

Minimal architecture

Minimal architecture

Koichi Takada Architects’ architecture showcases an intimate relationship between form and function. The design is purified to its essence and the architectural form speaks directly to the function of spaces in a programmatic sense. Simple lines and expressive materials form the palette for the interiors. With environmental design at the forefront of each design, Koichi Takada Architects seeks to engage in a dialogue between architectural form and context, an unrelenting attempt to understand how simple natural processes can inform architectural form.