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It’s Australia’s Largest Urban Renewal Project – the Infinity at Green Square


July 25, 2018

The Sydney Forum for Architecture and Urban Design Inc

Image courtesy of Brandon Heng


The Infinity development under construction in July 2018 at Green Square, Sydney. Designed by Koichi Takada Architects, it will be one of the defining buildings of the new Green Square Town Centre, with an underground pedestrian connection to Green Square Station. Part of the glass entrance to the new library is on the right.

It’s Australia’s largest urban renewal project – the eight billion dollar Green Square scheme in Sydney – so it was a fitting location for our SFAUDI urban… Read more

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The Organic Architect – Koichi Takada

LOUNGE Magazine

5th Issue July 2018

Crown Group


Celebrated for fusing nature-inspired designs with luxury style. Sydney-based architect Koichi Takada tells Beth Anderson about his plans to revolutionise urban living, one city at a time.

“As an architect, I try to work with nature – not against it – and to bring it back into city living.”

Nobody walks in Los Angeles. It’s a universally acknowledged (and often satirised) truth: in a city that’s full of highways but bereft of public transport, residents must own vehicles to survive. But for award-winning architect Koichi Takada, the car-centric town is due… Read more

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July 23, 2018




今回、トークランジに登場の髙田浩一氏は、2008年にシドニーで建築事務所「KOICHI TAKADA ARCHITECTS」を設立し、数々のユニークな建築物の設計を手がけ、現在ではLA、メキシコシティ、東京、ドーハ、ジャカルタなど、世界トップクラスの建築家として多くのプロジェクトを持つ。



To view this article online, please visit jams.tv.comRead more

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The Waterfront Retreat is featured on CONTEMPORIST


July 11, 2018


Koichi Takada Architects have designed a new house in Sydney, Australia, that sits on a steeply sloping waterfront lot, with sandstone walls and expansive water views.


The terraced, four level house progressively steps down towards the water, while a series of floating platforms are presented as a sequence of cantilevered concrete slabs that float above a recessed stacked-stone podium.


To view this article online, please visit contemporist.comRead more

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